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A Tribute to a Legendary Paulian

The date 18th February 2021 can never be forgotten by many Paulians and La Sallians. That’s the day we lost a great soul in Professor Dr Ganakumaran Subramaniam. Many of us are still recovering from the tragic and sudden passing of our beloved Prof Dr Gana.

            It gives me great pride and honour to share some of the great work done by this great soul. He was the icon of St. Paul’s Primary, waiting in front of the gate as early as 7 a.m. every morning without fail; rain or shine. He was doing this for the past 18 years until his demise. I have witnessed him ferrying students from their vehicles during heavy rain in the mornings, although he was soaked wet in his office attire. He kept doing this although his sons were no more in the primary school. He was the former PTA Chairman of the school.

            Every development of the school, he had a hand in it. One of his greatest pride was planning and building the mini astro turf for the development of hockey in 2019. He was instrumental in many projects; painting the school buildings, fitting air conditions in the hall, renovating the canteen, building new pavements for the assembly area, putting up the new bookshop, renovating the office block, providing funds for buying of new tables and chairs for pupils and teachers and the list goes on. He had a hand in every part of the school. Even the landscape at the entrance of the school is his idea. That was how close the school was to him. We planned at the end of last year to build a new open hall and renovate the pavilion at the field. Plans have been drawn and ground work has started but he left before he could witness it. We will continue his aspiration and hopefully the New Board Chairman will be able to carry out the great vision of Dr Gana.

            As a person, he had all the qualities of a fine gentlemen. He is very caring, helpful, fantastic listener, a great mentor, an exemplary leader, a great friend, a good companion, an excellent advisor, an outstanding educator but most of all he was a humble man. He was meticulous in his work and he was very careful in spending the funds of the Board of Managers of which he was the Chairman. He was a great supporter of the aspirations and struggles of the La Sallian Mission. He supports every event organized by the school, never fails to attend if invited. He always told me to prioritize the safety and well-being of all students and teachers in this school. He has never failed to support the school. He was a strong believer of the Paulian ethos and heritage.

            We have lost an outstanding Paulian whose commitment to the school can never be replaced or matched after our late Bro James, it is Dr Gana who matches the immense contribution of Brother James. Time will go by, years may pass, but the name Dr Ganakumaran Subramaniam will never be forgotten as Dr Gana is not a name it’s a LEGEND. Rest in peace my dear Dr Gana, we miss you.




St. Paul’s Institution (Primary)

Seremban. Negeri Sembilan.

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