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Who We Are

OLD Paulians’ Association or OPA was founded in 1922 and registered in 1926 as the official alumni association for former students of St. Paul’s Institution (Secondary) and St. Paul’s Institution (Primary). Today, OPA comprises former students and teachers of both schools. 

We are blessed with members from various races, religions and economical background. OPA encourages members to participate in games, athletics, social and cultural activities. We are recognised for our outstanding leadership, organisational ability and contributions to our schools and country.

OPA preserves and strengthens the bonds of Paulian fellowship. We are proud to be celebrating our Annual Reunion Dinner on the first Saturday of September every year - attended by more than 1500 paulians and guests - another remarkable achievement.

OPA is one of the few alumni associations in this country to have its own building to call home. We actively respond and contribute to the needs of our schools, helping foster a conducive and unique Paulian experience for students.

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