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Sports Development Programme

The Sports Development Programme, initiated by an old Paulian took effect in 2010. OPA manages the fund and supports the primary and secondary schools in funding the training sessions for hockey, badminton and basketball. The 2 schools were able to hire qualified and experienced coaches and to pay for venue rentals, transportation for players participating in competitions. It helped the schools build a strong base for hockey and badminton over the years. 

The primary school hockey team has progressed and has emerged winners at the Seremban District championships for numerous years. Our boys make up the majority of the District team and have performed excellently at state level. Thanks to the dedication of our coaches (our teachers and other old Paulians) and the commitment of OPA.

The weekly Badminton training sessions, conducted by Old Paulians too, has garnered keen interest in the game among students over the last few years. Some of our players have performed well at competitions.

The fund had ceased coming in August 2017. In spite of this, a few passionate coaches continued with their coaching in both schools.

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