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1. Name

The name of the Association shall be OLD PAULIANS’ ASSOCIATION, or "Persatuan Bekas Murid St. Paul, Seremban" in the National Language.


2. Registered Address

The registered address of the Association shall be "Wisma OPA, No. 24 Jalan Yam Tuan, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan". The registered address shall not be altered without the prior consent of the Registrar of Societies.


3. Colours, Insignia and Flag

3.1. The Colours of the Association shall be irish green and white with the following details:

3.1.1. Irish green, identified as below in its own format. in CMYK as Irish green as C80 MO Y90 KO OR in RGB as #15508 in Websafe Mode as #115500 in Greyscale Mode as #383838

3.2. The Association insignia 
The insignia of the Association (right) consists of the Irish Green School Crest of St. Paul’s Institution surrounded by two (2) yellow paddy stalks with a black ribbon in the bottom centre. The Name “Old Paulians’ Assn.” shall be printed in white against a red background.

3.3. The Association Flag 
The Flag of the Association consists of the OPA insignia in the centre against a background of five (5) green and green and four (4) white stripes.


4. Objects of the Association

The objects of the Association shall be:

4.1. to foster friendship among the past students of St. Paul’s and other Christian Brother schools. Past students of St. Paul’s shall be known as Old Paulians.

4.2. to bring the Old Paulians into closer contact with their Alma Mater;

4.3. to promote and/or organize social, cultural, recreational, business and professional activities for and amongst members of the Association.

4.4. to work with the alma mater, the school Board of Governors/Managers to preserve artifacts, structures, memorabilia, practices and any other iconic aspects considered to be part of the Paulian Heritage.


5. Membership

5.1. Ordinary Membership 
Ordinary Membership of the Association shall be open to all former students of St. Paul's Institution, Seremban.

5.2. Associate Membership 
Associate Membership of the Association shall be open to serving teachers and past teachers of St. Paul’s Institution, or former students of other La Sallian Schools. Associate Members shall have no voting rights and shall be ineligible to stand for election in the Association but shall enjoy all the rights of an ordinary member.

5.3. Life Membership 
Life Membership shall be open to an applicant or an ordinary member or an associate member who pays a lump sum of RM100.00.

5.4. Membership Application and Procedure
5.4.1. Application for membership, to be proposed and seconded by members in good standing, shall be made on a prescribed form.
5.4.2. The application shall be submitted to the Gen. Secretary who shall table the same to the Management Committee for approval. The decision of the Management Committee shall be final.
5.4.3. An Applicant who fails to obtain admission shall not again be eligible for consideration for admission as a member until a period of at least three months from the date his/her application be rejected.


6. Conduct of Members

6.1. Any member infringing any of the Rules or Bye-Laws of the Association shall be dealt with by the Committee who shall at their discretion, refuse him/her any of the privileges of the Association for such period as the Committee shall deem proper.

6.2. If the conduct of any member in or out of the Association shall in the opinion of the Committee or of any 12 members of the Association (who shall certify the same in writing to the Committee) be injurious to the character or interests of the Association, the Committee shall, after enquiry and notice given to such member, be empowered to request such member to resign, and if such member so requested shall not resign within 14 days after such request the Committee shall then call a Special General Meeting, at which Meeting it shall be competent for the votes of two-thirds of those voting, to expel such member from the Association and no appeal shall lie from their determination any other meeting or to a court of law. Any member expelled from the Association shall forfeit his/her entrance fee and subscriptions and shall not afterwards be re-elected except with the approval of the Committee.


7. Resignation and Readmission

7.1. Any member may resign by giving two weeks’ notice in writing to the Hon. Gen. Secretary and shall pay up any outstanding dues.

7.2. Any member who has left the Association and is desirous of rejoining shall be dealt with according to Rules 5 and 8 but he/she shall not be charged an entrance fee. Should there be any arrears due by him/her, these shall be settled before his/her application or readmission will be entertained.


8. Fees and Subscriptions

8.1 A member shall pay an entrance fee of RM5.00.

8.2. An Ordinary Member shall pay an annual subscription of RM30.00.

8.3. An Associate Member shall pay an annual subscription of RM20.00.

8.4. A life member shall be exempted from payment of an annual subscription.

8.5. As the payment of the subscription will entitle members to enjoy every benefit and privilege of the Association, such payment shall be their distinct acknowledgement of and acquiescence in these Rules and all the Bye-laws of the Association.

8.6. Subscriptions due during the year shall be paid not later than 31st December of that year. Should any account remain unpaid by 15th January of the following year each year, the Hon. Treasurer shall issue notice informing the member who is in arrears of the fact and request a settlement of the same. Should such account remain unpaid for two months after such notice the member in arrears shall have his/her name removed from the list of members.


9. General Meeting

9.1. The Annual General Meeting of the OPA shall be held as soon possible after the close of each financial year but not later than 31st March at a time and place to be decided by the Committee.

9.2. The election of office-bearers shall be held biennially.

9.3. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

9.3.1. to confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

9.3.2. to adopt the Annual Report.

9.3.3. to adopt the Audited Annual Accounts for the previous year.

9.3.4. to elect the members of the Committee and two (2) Hon. Auditors biennially.

9.3.5. to discuss any other business for which at least seven (7) clear days’ notice in writing shall have been given to the Hon. Gen. Secretary.

9.4. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Committee or by a requisition in writing from at least ten members to the Hon. Gen. Secretary who shall then fix the date of such meeting not later than two weeks after receiving such a requisition.

9.5 Twenty members shall form a quorum at an Annual General Meeting. If there is no quorum, the postponed meeting is to be held within two weeks and no quorum is required for such a postponed meeting.

9.6. At least fourteen clear days’ notice of every General or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given and such notice shall specify the purpose for which it is called and a copy thereof shall be circulated or posted to all members.

9.7. The Management Committee shall meet at least once every three months to consider the affairs of the Association and at other times on the requisition of at least 3 members of the Management Committee, and at all committee meetings 5 members shall form a quorum.

9.8. The President or in his absence, one of the Vice-Presidents shall be elected to preside at all meetings and shall preserve order and decide on all disputed points of order.

9.9. At all meetings – Annual General, Extraordinary General or Committee - the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


10. The Committee of Management

10.1. The Association shall be managed by a Committee of Management consisting of a President, 3 Vice-Presidents, an Hon. Gen. Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, an Hon. Treasurer and 5 Ordinary Committee Members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting once in two years.

10.2. Every candidate standing for election at the General Meeting must be duly proposed and seconded by qualified members.

10.3. Election shall be by simple majority vote of the members at the Annual General Meeting. All office-bearers shall be eligible for reelection.

10.4. In the event of any vacancy in the Committee of Management arising from any cause, the Committee of Management shall have the power to fill such a vacancy until the next election of office bearers, but when a vacancy occurs in the office of President one of the Vice-Presidents shall be chosen to become President.

10.5. Any member of the Committee absenting himself/herself from three consecutive meetings without explanation satisfactory to the Committee shall under Rule 9.7. cease to be a member thereof.

10.6. The functions and powers of the Management Committee are:

10.6.1. to approve applications for membership;

10.6.2. to employ such number of persons at such salaries and allowances as it deems fit, pay all contributions as required by law and reimburse honorary officers of expenses incurred in connection with the work of the OPA to such extent as it deems fit;

10.6.3. to appoint sub-committees when the need arises and delegate to them such powers as shall be necessary for the purpose of what they are appointed;

10.6.4. to authorise all expenditure for which provision has not been made elsewhere in these Rules;

10.6.5. to frame Bye-laws for the proper management of the OPA.

10.7. All sub-committees shall report to the Management Committee the work done by them.


11. Duties of Office Bearers

11.1. The President shall during his term of office preside all general meetings and all meetings of the committee and shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all such meetings. He shall have the casting vote and shall sign the minutes of each meeting at the time they are approved.

11.2. Vice Presidents shall carry out such duties as are delegated to them by the President.

11.3. The Hon. Gen. Secretary shall manage the general correspondence of the Association and keeping all books including the membership register and all documents and papers except the accounts and financial records. He shall attend all meetings and record and minutes of the proceedings.

11.4. The Assistant Secretary shall carry out such duties as are delegated to him by the Hon. Gen. Secretary.

11.5. The Hon. Treasurer shall receive the entrance fee, subscriptions and all other monies due to the Association and his receipt shall be the only sufficient discharge. He/She shall keep an account of all receipts and disbursements, and hold himself/herself responsible for all monies belonging to the Association. He shall, in conjunction with either the President or the Hon. Gen. Secretary, sign all cheques on behalf of the Association.

11.6. The ordinary committee members shall attend all meetings and assist the above officers in their duties.


12. Patrons

The General Body shall have the power to invite any outstanding members to be Patrons of the Association at the Annual General Meeting.


13. Accounts

13.1 All cheques or withdrawal notices on the Association’s accounts shall be signed by the Hon. Treasurer and one of either the President or the Hon. Gen. Secretary.

13.2. The accounts of the Association shall be audited by any two members in good standing elected at the Annual General Meeting.

13.3. After being certified by the Auditors, the audited Annual Accounts consisting of the Statement of Income and Expenditure and Balance Sheet ending 31st December of each year, shall be tabled at the Annual General Meeting.


14. Bye-Laws

14.1. The Committee shall have the power to frame Bye-laws for the proper management of the Association.

14.2. These Rules and Bye-laws shall be printed and a copy supplied to each member, free of charge.

14.3. For the interpretation of these Rules, the decision of the Management Committee shall be binding unless set aside by an AGM or EGM.

14.4. The Management Committee shall have the power to exercise its discretion in dealing with matters not provided for in these Rules.

14.5. Additions or amendments to existing Rules shall have no effect until they have been passed by the members at an Annual or at a Special General Meeting and sanctioned by the Registrar of Societies. Application for any additions or amendments shall be made to the Registrar of Societies within 60 days from the date of the decision to amend.


15. Property

All assets belonging to the Association shall be under the control of the Management Committee to be dealt with in such manner as it deems fit. All immovable properties of the Association shall be held in trust for the Association by the Trustees appointed at the AGM in accordance with Rule 16 thereof.


16. Trustees

16.1. The Trustees who shall be Malaysian citizens over 21 years of age, shall be appointed at an Annual General Meeting from among the members.

16.2 There shall not be fewer than 2 Trustees or more than 4 Trustees at any one time.

16.3 Every Trustee shall hold office until his death, resignation or removal from office at a General Meeting.

16.4 All immovable properties, securities, stocks, bonds and investments belonging to the Association shall be held in trust for the Association by the Trustees who shall deal with them in such manner as the Committee of Management may direct.

16.5 The Association shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Trustees appointed under Rule 16.1. against any liability of whatsoever nature in carrying out their duties as Trustees.


17. Dissolution

17.1. The Association may voluntarily be dissolved by a two-third majority of the members of the Association at a General Meeting specially convened for that purpose.

17.2. In the event of the Association being dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on its behalf shall be first discharged and the remaining funds if any shall be disposed of in such manner as may be decided upon by the General Meeting convened for the purpose.

17.3. Notice of dissolution shall be given within 14 days of the dissolution to the Registrar of Societies.


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