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OPA-SPI Games Carnival 2015

The annual tradition to determine the Overall Champion - “Mr. Ng Yee Tim Challenge Trophy” for the OPA-SPI Annual Games 2015, was held from 4th July to 25th July 2015.  OPA wins honors with an overall results of 4 – 3.  Like the previous year, 7 games namely Squash, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball and Hockey were played. The games attracted a total of 182 players from both sides.  The main event was held in SMK St Paul on 25th July 2015, as the venue for Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Table Tennis.  The weather was excellent which lent greatly to the enjoyment.  A reception desk was set up to welcome the players and light breakfast was prepared for everyone. Teachers and OPA committee members were also present to support the event.  After all games ended, OPA Sports Chairman, Mr. Steven Chan presented individual trophies and medals to the winning teams.

The full results of the games are as below:
•   i.   Squash          OPA won      4 – 3
•   ii.  Badminton     OPA won      4 – 3 
•  iii.  Basketball      SPI  won      60 – 45
•  iv.  Table Tennis  OPA won      4 – 1 
•   v.  Football         OPA won      3 – 2 
•  vi.  Volleyball       SPI won       2 – 0 
•  vii. Hockey          SPI won       6 – 1 


Squash was played in Royal Sungai Ujong Club on the 4th July.  OPA narrowly defeated SPI 4 – 3.   OPA was dubbed the underdogs against the much younger and energetic Paulians; however with 2 of SPI key players having been transferred to Matrix International School, both students are now technically ex-Paulians and played for OPA.  OPA Secretary, Mr. Lee Kok Keong, presented the medals to the winning team.  Mr. Chandran, a parent of a player, very kindly arranged snacks and refreshments for all players.  

Badminton, which was played in Ma Hwa Hall, Rasah on the 24th July, had a total of seven double matches.  The competition was a nail-biting affair as both teams dished out their best and both won three matches each to send the competition into the decider.  Yam Kait Wah and Gregory Siow from OPA got the better of their opponents to give their team a 4 -3 victory.

On the day of main event, although OPA was commanding a comfortable lead by 2 – 0, it was still too premature to predict who would take the title this year.  Results of the games trickled in and were posted on the board.  SPI reduced their deficit by winning in basketball with an impressive score of 60 – 45.  Table Tennis results came in next.  Lead by the ex-national player, Kenny Hereira, OPA had an easy win beating their opponents 4 – 1.  The focus and excitement was then on football.  The heat was on SPI who were under tremendous pressure for a win but sadly they ran out of steam against a more seasoned team.  The final whistle was blown. OPA won 3 – 2 and henceforth the winning point to emerge Champion for 2015 and winner of the “Mr.Ng Yee Tim Challenge Trophy”.  As a consolation, SPI took another point in volleyball with a 2 – 0 win.

In the later part of the afternoon, hockey was played at Seremban 2 Hockey Stadium.  The match was also held in conjunction with the “Home Coming” event, organized by Michael Yan to honour and recognize the dedication and commitment of two former coaches – Lawrence Van Huizen and William Fidelis. Also present at the event were the SPI Principal, Lucy Ratnam, senior assistant (co-curriculum) Shantini Lingam and OPA Vice Presents Prof. Ganakumaran Subramanian and Steven Chan. Among the ex-Paulians, who were present were former national players, Colin Sta Maria, Stephen Van Huizen, Gary Fidelis, Derek Fidelis, Raymond Tio, William Lazaroo, Kevin Nunis, Michael and Ian Sta Maria.  The SPI team played against a “star-studded” team comprising ex-national and ex-state players. Although the results of the match may only be deemed academic, but in the true tradition of sports, SPI played gallantly giving their best to win over their seniors with a score of 6 – 1.  

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