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Seremban Annual Report 2018


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1.Annual General Meeting


The Old Paulians’ Association (“The OPA”) held its 92nd Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) on 25th March 2018 at 11.30am at St. Paul’s Institution, Primary (“SPI Primary”), Jalan Sungei Ujong, 70200 Seremban with a turnout of 30 members. The quorum required as per rule 9.5 of OPA’s constitution was 20.



2.Management Committee Meetings


Eleven (11) Management Committee Meetings (“Meetings”) were held since the AGM. The details of the attendance of each Committee member are as follows:




Attendance (%)

David Wee Toh Kiong (“David Wee”)

11 of 11


Ng Yee Tim (“Mr Ng”)

11 of 11


Dr Ganakumaran Subramaniam (“Dr Gana”)

6 of 11


Steven Chan Weng Choy (“Steven Chan”)

11 of 11


Lee Kok Keong (“Mr Lee”)

11 of 11


Dato’ Lai See Ming (“Dato Lai”)

11 of 11


Tan Kok Chin (“Mr Tan”)

11 of 11


Sawarimutthu Rayappan (“Mr Muthu”)

11 of 11


Yam Kait Wah (“Mr Yam”)

9 of 11


Sekar Jaganathan (“Mr Sekar”)

5 of 11


Devasagayam Ayyakkannu (“Mr Deva”)

6 of 11


Daniel Chow Cheng Hoh (resigned in March 2018)

3 of 11



Tan Sri Dato’ Chan Choong Tak was the Patron cum Advisor to the OPA until his passing in September 2018.


The OPA was updated on the activities, developments and affairs of SPI Primary and SPI Secondary by their Heads, Mr Santhanasamy Amaladas (“Mr Santhana”) and Mr Lee Boon Seng (“Mr Lee”) respectively or their representatives during the Management Meetings.


The Association with its Sub Committees are as follows:


Sub Committee                                         Head

Lasallian Liaison & Recreation                    Ng Yee Tim

Sports & Games                                        Steven Chan Weng Choy

School Support                                          Dr Ganakumaran Subramaniam

Finance & Welfare                                   Yam Kait Wah

Technologies & Multimedia                        Sekar Jaganathan

Building & Facilities                                  Devasagayam Ayyakkannu

Membership                                            Sawarimutthu Rayappan


3.Events & Functions Committee


During the year, the following 4 trips were organised for OPA’s members and their spouses:





21 – 23 May

Hatyai, Thailand


21 – 27 July

Hokkaido, Japan


The expenses for the above trips were borne by the members respectively.






27 – 28 March

Forest City, Johor

Trip Sponsored by Forest City

26 April

The Tavern, Heineken, KL

Bus sponsored by OPA


The Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur also collaborated with the Malaysian Federation of LaSallian Alumni Associations in the sale of the charity raffle tickets to raise funds for the latter’s youth development projects.


The OPA managed to sell some tickets and 30% of the ticket sales proceeds, RM13,000 were given to The Association. The Association in turn donated the proceeds to both the Primary (RM1,230) and Secondary (RM1,770) schools.



4.Sports & Games Committee


The OPA is affiliated to the Negeri Sembilan Badminton Association, Persatuan Badminton Daerah Seremban (represented by Mr Lee Nam Yew) and the Negeri Sembilan Hockey Association (represented by Mr Subramaniam Rathnam).


In year 2010, an anonymous donor from the Class of 85 pledged RM1 million (“The Paulian Sports Fund”) to OPA for the development of Badminton, Basketball and Hockey in SPI Primary and SPI Secondary. The Paulian Sports Fund would be released in phases for OPA to manage. OPA would in turn disburse it to the 2 schools.


With this funding, the 2 schools were able to hire qualified and experienced coaches to bring the standard of these 3 sports to a higher level. However, the funding had ceased since August 2017. In spite of this, a few passionate coaches continued with their coaching in both schools and brought glory to the schools. Below are some of the achievements from the school during the year :







District Champions



U13 Six-A-Side (3rd)



U16 Six-A-Side (4th)



U15 (4th)


Annual OPA vs SPI Games

With the exception of Badminton and Hockey which played on different dates, the rest of the games were played on 4th August 2018 with the results as follows :







6 – 1


Ma Hwa Hall


3 – 2


SPI Secondary


2 – 3




40 – 38


SPI Secondary

Table Tennis

3 – 2


SPI Secondary


2 – 1


SPI Secondary


3 – 4


S2 Sports Complex


OPA was the overall Champions at 5 to 2.


OPA Annual Games 2019 is scheduled for 27 July 2019. If you wish to participate, please do sign up as OPA members.



OPA Annual Golf Tournament

The OPA Golf Tournament, which was traditionally held on the first Saturday of September since 1973, was instead held on a Friday this year, 31 August 2018 at the Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club, Nilai.


There were 18 flights comprising 71 participants including 2 professionals, Ms Lim Ai Lian & Mr Victor Lim. The entries this year came from as far as Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


The prize attraction this year was a Lady Americana King Size Mattress Model ‘Elite’ worth RM18,000 sponsored by Lady Americana (M) Sdn. Bhd. to be given away as a Hole In One prize.


The winners of the 2018 OPA Golf Tournament were:





Henry Foo

Gross Winner


Lim Ai Lian

Gross Runner-up


Low Seng Koon

3rd Gross Runner-up


Raghbir Singh

Nett Winner


Ricky Chen Yee Huan

Nett Runner-up


Raghbir Singh

Senior Winner


Chandra Rajan

Guest Winner


Kok Chee Yong

Guest Runner-up


Dato Dr Shamser

3rd Guest Runner-up


Raghbir Singh

Nearest to the Pin


Lim Ai Lian

Nearest to the Line


Grabriel Lee

Longest Drive


John Chew

Wooden Spoon



OPA led by Steven Chan also participated in the La Salle PJ Alumni Association Bro. Felix Memorial Golf Championship held on 30 November 2018 at the Templer Park Golf Course.



5.School Support Committee


Malaysian Educators Conference

The OPA was given the task to host the 7th Malaysian Educators Conference (“MaLEC”).


It was to be organised by the Regional Lasallian Education Council (Southern Zone) in collaboration with SPI Primary and Secondary as well as the OPA.


Under the Chairmanship of Dr Gana, a meeting was held on 2 March 2018 and it was decided to hold the Conference from 18 – 21 March 2018 at the Seremban Palm Mall Hotel.


The goal of MaLEC was to bring together all Lasallian schools and their associated organisations to build a strong community of institutions that reflect high quality of Lasallian education.



Brother Visitor’s Visit

On 28 June 2018, Brother Emundo Fernendez accompanied by Brother Andrew Loke (Country Co-ordinator), Brother Ambrose Loke, Mr Michael Simon (MFOLSA President) and a few MFOLSA representatives visited both the SPI Primary and Secondary schools.



SPI Primary

  1. YTL Communication Tower

A meeting was held with 3 YTL representatives and 1 Education Officer with the Board of Managers of the Primary school to discuss:

  1. to install the antennas with electricity supply on Block A of the school.

  2. YTL’s contribution to the school.


  1. The school Jogathon was held on 14 July 2018

  2. The school started a fund raising campaign to raise RM180,000 to build a 50m x 30m astro turf hockey pitch

  3. The school hall which is air conditioned is available for rental to the public


SPI Secondary

  1. 7 February 2018, Chinese Language Carnival was held

  2. 28 April 2018, In service training for teachers in Sunway University

  3. 2-11 May 2018, Orientation for 90 Lower 6 students

  4. 3 May 2018, District Academic Excellent PT3 and SPM Awards ceremony. SPI Secondary received the NS Best SPM Award.

  5. Class of 1988 donated 11 ventilators for the school hall

  6. Class of 1993 sponsored paints for painting 7 classrooms after PT3 examinations



6.Finance & Welfare Committee


The OPA’s 2019 Year Budget was tabled to the Committee during the last meeting of 2018.


The Brother Felix Donohue Fund (“BFD Fund”), created in Year 2010 was initiated by the Class of 1970. The purpose of this fund was to assist needy students of SPI Secondary on tuition fees and purchase of reference books but only to those in Form 6. The BFD fund is being managed by OPA. During the year, the OPA handed out BFD Scholastic awards to the following :


Upper 6 (13 April 2018)


Lau Chee Kin


Teoh Jiu Yang


Lee Hui Ying


Tong Yoong Jia


Phang Dejian


Too Yi Yang


Tan Chi Kien


Vinishaa a/p Gama Rajan


Tan Jun Wei




Lower 6 (1 September 2018)


Choong Kah Fai


Ee Sze Ern


Wong Sih Minh


Ang Sun Yee


Yow Hui Hong


Leong Chen Cheng


Chen Xin Wei


Liew Wan Hui



7.Technologies & Multimedia

The OPA’s website and OPA Facebook page are being updated to create a platform of communication for all Paulians. It is hope that the multimedia and social networking will create more awareness of the OPA’s activities and foster a stronger brotherhood amongst the Paulians young and old and from near and far across the world.



8.Building & Facilities


OPA bought a bungalow building near the Primary school with the intention to turn it into the OPA Club House for OPA members.


Renovations were carried out as follows :

  1. replacing the fencing with a gate towards the school field.

  2. made a new entry facing the road together with an awning above it

  3. shifting the main gate slightly for easy entry for the cars going into the compound

  4. done up the pantry and kitchen

  5. to break up certain room walls to make it a bigger hall

  6. to make bigger windows to make the place brighter

  7. to do up 2 rooms and toilets

  8. to remove the old septic tank and replace it with a new one

  9. to concrete the ground around the building for more car parking space





The Association had recruited 56 (2017: 50) new Life Members since the last AGM.


Most of the new members were mainly recruited during the Association’s Annual Dinner on 1st September 2018.


Membership is open to all former students of SPI Primary and SPI Secondary. Kindly update the Association of any change in member’s address.

Below are the Membership Fees structure


Membership                                                      Fees (RM)

Entrance Fees                                                   5.00

Ordinary Membership                                         30.00  (annual subscription)

Associate Membership                                       20.00  (annual subscription)

Life Membership                                              100.00


Associate Membership is open to serving teachers and past teachers of SPI Primary and SPI Secondary or former students of other Lasallian Schools.


Life Membership is open to an applicant or an ordinary member or an associate member who pays a lump sum of RM100.00.



10.OPA’s 92nd Annual Reunion Dinner


The OPA held its 92nd Annual Dinner at the Regent Hall with 138 tables including 7 Guest tables.


This year the OPA celebrated the 25th Year Group of Class of 1993 and the 50th Year Group of Class of 1968.


The guests of the night included:

  1. The Transport Minister of Malaysia, YB Anthony Loke (Class of 1994)

  2. Rev. Fr. Selvam



  1. Bro. Anthony Rogers (MFOLSA Advisor)

  2. Bro. Andrew Loke (Country Co-ordinator)

  3. Bro. Ambrose Loke

  4. Bro. Augustine Julian

  5. Sis. Theresa Chua

  6. Mr Michael Simon (MFOLSA President)

  7. Representatives of other Lasallian Associations

  8. Present and Former Heads of SPI Primary and SPI Secondary

  9. Chairmen of the Board of Managers and the Board of Governors of the two schools

  10. Representatives of the PTAs of the two schools

  11. Representatives from ACS-OSA, KGV-OGA of Seremban


Plaques were presented to congratulate the following Award recipients:


Award                                                                         Recipients

State Awards – PJK                                                       Mr Goh Kim Seng

Outstanding Paulian Award                                            Dato Lai See Ming


Tan Sri Dato’ Chan Choong Tak Award

(Presented to the best all rounder student of the Year)


Master Khrisyhniven Ganakumaran





Scholastic Awards





7A, 1B

Yam Ee Hann

Mr & Mrs Yam Kait Wah



Tan Wei Guang

Mr & Mrs Tan Cheng Guan



Danya Frances Rajah

Mr & Mrs David Rajah


9A, 1B

Sheila Chan On Lei

Mr & Mrs Steven Chan Weng Choy


BJM Recipients (SPI Primary)


Quek Soon Yuan


Thinagar a/l Rejaswaran


Mavintaran a/l Vijayan


Sanjay a/l Magandran


Jauhari Iskandar B Nurzaieed


Kaviraj a/l Nadaraja


Muhammad Shajahan


Mathew Varm a/l Vijaya Varma


Shasi Kumar a/l Muniyandi


Muhammad Hakimi B Abdullah


Class of 1993 (25th Year Group)

The Class of 1993 celebrated their 25th year by exhibiting 10 Classic vintage cars in front of the dinner hall.


One unique car was a Mini Cooper painted with the ‘sports house colours’, all the school emblems and house crests.


The most significant feature item was the portrait of Bro. Felix James Donohue on one of the car doors.



11.Malaysian Federation of La Sallian Associations


The MFOLSA was launched in 1976 by 5 Alumni Associations viz. Old Xaverians Association, Penang; Old Georgians Association, Taiping; Old Paulians’ Association, Seremban; Sacred Heart Old Students’ Association Sibu & St. Jospeh's Old Boys Association, Kuching. The MFOLSA has grown in size and now comprises 19 Alumni Associations



The Objectives of the MFOLSA are:

  1. To keep former students of La Sallian Institutions in Malaysia in close touch with one another;

  2. To bring   into being and to promote a  spirit  of  friendship  and  unity  among the members of the member Associations;

  3. To safeguard the interest and to assist in the development of La Sallian educational institutions;

  4. To render mutual assistance and to work for the welfare of member Associations and their members.


Inter La Salle Games

After a lapse of 30 years, the Inter La Salle Games was held on 14 July 2018 at the La Salle PJ school for U14 boys from 8 La Salle schools in Selangor, Melaka & Seremban.


6 events were organised ie. Badminton, Table Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Football & Road Running


SPI were the overall champion after being the winner in Badminton and Table Tennis, runner up for Hockey and Basketball.





Our sincere condolences to the families of the following ex Paulians who passed away:

  • Chin Yuk Siong

  • Tony Chia Teoh Tang

  • Malaichelvam Maniam (SPI Form 6 teacher)

  • Anthony Koh Ban Jin

  • Dato’ Edwin Abraham

  • Tan Sri Dato' Chan Choong Tak


Our sincere condolences also to:

  • Tan Kok Chin, Josephine Tan & Tan Kok Ling on the demise of their beloved father, Tan Hee Peow.

  • the family of the late Dato’ Chan Onn Fatt on the demise of his beloved wife.

  • Lee Boon Seng on the demise of his beloved mother.




If your child has performed well in UPSR (6As), SPM (Minimum 7As), and STPM (Minimum 3A), please submit your application for the OPA’s Scholastic Awards to the Association. The application form can be downloaded from The Association’s website, https://paulians.my


Closing date is 31st May 2019.

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